About Christ Community Church

Christ Community Church's vision is to bring Kingdom Impact to the lives of people at CCC, in Omaha and around the world. This means that disciples of Jesus will never be satisfied until every man, woman and child have been touched with the love of Jesus and the plans of God have reached their fullest extent. It is forgiveness, justice, mercy and hope embodied in the lives of Christ Followers.

Kingdom Impact looks like:

  • The educational, spiritual and economic transformation of a north Omaha community surrounding the established Compass Ministry
  • Starving children clothed and given medical care in the impoverished country of Mali, Africa
  • Broken marriages in Omaha put back together
  • People of all ages given the opportunity to know Jesus personally and live for eternity
  • Kids growing up with a strong moral compass and vibrant community of friends
  • Students rooted in the truth of the Bible and able to stand strong whatever the cultural tide
  • Adults moving ever deeper into the full life God intended for humanity
  • God's people intentionally engaged in strategic partnerships across the street and across the ocean


CCC is a multi-site church: one church, multiple locations. Campuses are located in the Old Mill Business Park and at Lewis & Clark Middle School in Sarpy County. Attend a Sunday celebration at either campus and be challenged by the reality and relevance of the Bible. To learn more about CCC, visit www.cccomaha.org.